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Latest updates: January 2017

Workshy reissue

On 3 February 2017, One Little Indian are re-issuing Animals That Swim's debut album "Workshy" on CD and double vinyl LP (and download, but that doesn't really count) with nine extra tracks. Seven are demos (from the post-"I Was The King..." period, I think) and you also get two early B-sides that missed the cut for the "Faded Glamour" collection: "Impossible" (which makes its CD debut) and "Me And Captain America". The One Little Indian store seems to have the best price (well, you would think so, wouldn't you?) and you can find that here: One Little Indian Shop - Workshy.

Latest updates: March 2011

Actual new songs soming soon! Yes, there are some new songs coming out on t'web in the near future. They're called "Silver Rays" and "Tiny Lucifer" and according to Hugh they will be available on iTunes "once we've figured out how it works". In the meantime you can stream them from The Spill.

Silver Rays - promo image

More info, artwork you can print out, and general musings can be found at the brand new official Animals That Swim blog and they've also got a Twitter account which is @animalsthatswim

About 20 or so years ago, or thereabouts
(we're not talking absolute chronological precision here), two brothers from the London suburbs formed a band. Hugh Barker played a guitar, while Hank Starrs (who'd adopted his girlfriend's surname because it was "better" than his own) sang and played drums. And then they got some more people in, wrote some songs about life in unremarkable little English towns, played some gigs (often in precisely the same sort of unremarkable little English towns they'd written songs about), made some records and the rest is history.

Well, not quite. Because somewhere amidst the melancholy, the celebration of life's little pleasures, and the transcendant trumpet solos, Animals That Swim missed one key element. They neglected to get world-famous. They didn't even have a website. What band doesn't have a website? The answer: This band (Animals That Swim) didn't have one (a website).

And since that's just not on, and since I happen to quite like Animals That Swim, I've knocked up a little website in tribute to a little band who were quite good. It's a bit shoddy, but it's got a discography with pictures of all the sleeves, yes, that's right, all the sleeves, and some blurb about the history of the band, and some links. So read on...

Faded Glamour 2CD

"Faded Glamour" 2CD
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Faking It UK Edition

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Faking It
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