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Faded Glamour video

Some nice person has put this up on YouTube. It comes from The Chart Show, so it's not quite complete, but it does have fascinating facts about the band overlaid. Here it is...

Link to YouTube page:

Volume 13: The Lucky Issue

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Volume was an excellent series of compilation albums from the 1990s, crammed full of exclusive tracks by exciting new bands, each CD being packaged with a bloomin' book full of interviews, features, reviews, jokes and adverts. And the adverts weren't even that annoying. Oh, and it had pictures of tropical fish on the front, because tropical fish are excellent.

So anyway, the 13th volume, cunningly titled Volume 13: The Lucky Issue, came out in March 1995 and included an exclusive never-before-heard track from Animals That Swim. And sadly, a hardly-heard-since track as well, as it never appeared anywhere else. The song, "East St O'Neill", was remade for their next LP, but this early version vanished into the ether. And we can't be having that, so here it is, along with the interview from the accompanying book.

Audio: "East Street O'Neill" (Volume version)

Article by Leo Finlay

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Article page 1
Interview page 2
Article page 2
Interview page 3
Article page 3
Interview page 4
Article page 4

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