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King Beer 7"
King Beer
7", Beachheads In Space BIS 001, 300 copies

A: King Beer
B: Impossible

Roy 7"
Roy (February 1993)
7", Beachheads In Space BIS 002, 300 copies

A: Roy
B: Weary Mind

50 Dresses 10"
50 Dresses EP (August 1993)
10", Che Trading CHE 5

A: 50 Dresses / Chapel Market
B: Holloway Aviator / Oregon State Fair

Madame Yevonde 7"
Madame Yevonde (September 1994)
7", Elemental ELM 23S
CD, Elemental ELM 23CDS

A: Madame Yevonde
B: Me And Captain America / May

Workshy LP
Workshy (September 1994)
LP, Elemental ELM 24
CD, Elemental ELM 24 CD

- How To Make A Chandelier / Smooth Steps / Roy / Pink Carnations / St. Francis / Action At Tescos / King Beer / Barney / Susie's Friends / Chip Paper Dreams / Madame Yevonde / Vic / Silent Film / Sway With Me

Chip Paper Dreams isn't listed on the sleeve or the disc, though the title does appear in the writing credits. The American version replaces the original recording of Pink Carnations with the single version and adds bonus track New Boots, both from the EP below.

Pink Carnations EP
Pink Carnations
(March 1995)
7", Elemental ELM 26S
CD, Elemental ELM 26CDS

A: Pink Carnations (new version) / Kandy Kars
B: New Boots / Harry Dean / Del Fresco

Volume 13 CD
Volume 13: The Lucky Issue (1995)
Book+CD, Volume 13VCD13

Various Artists compilation, includes an alternative version of "East St. O'Neill".

The Greenhouse 7"
The Greenhouse (February 1996)
7", Elemental ELM 35S
CD, Elemental ELM 35CDS

A: The Greenhouse
B: Log City Road / And They All Sailed Away

The version of The Greenhouse on this single has two small changes compared to the LP version: "the glasshouse was full of marijuana" becomes "the glasshouse was full of pot" and "they drank the fucking lot" becomes "they drank the lot" (the line has been re-sung rather than simply having the word edited out).

There was also a one-track radio promo CD of The Greenhouse, catalogue number ELM 35CDR.

Faded Glamour 7"
Faded Glamour (May 1996)
7", Elemental ELM 36S
CD, Elemental ELM 36CDS

A: Faded Glamour
B: Summer Season / Get It Together

I Was The King LP
I Was The King, I Really Was The King (June 1996)
LP, Elemental ELM 37
Cassette, Elemental ELM 37MC
CD, Elemental ELM 37CD

- Faded Glamour / A Good Xmas / The Longest Road / East St O'Neill / The Greenhouse / Shipley / Kitkats and Vinegar / London Bridge / Bed Island / Near The Moon / Despatches From Lula / The Good Old Way

Christmas Gift 7"
A Christmas Gift For You From Snowstorm (December 1999)
Double 7" pack, Snowstorm SNOWS 005

Various artists compilation, includes the track "Dirt"

The Moon and the Mothership 7"
The Moon And The Mothership
(June 2001)
7", Snowstorm SNOWS 014
CD, Snowstorm SNOWS 014CD

A: The Moon And The Mothership
B: Theme From Driving Home / Giuseppe Messina

Happiness From A Distant Star LP
Happiness From A Distant Star (June 2001)
LP, Snowstorm STORM 010
CD, Snowstorm STORM 010CD

-All Your Stars Are Out / Sixteen Letters / Dirt / Homonculus / The Moon And The Mothership / The Last Thing You Said To Me / The Bathtube / Sing And Rejoice, Fortune Is Smiling On You / Mackie's Wake / Happiness From A Distant Star / Seven Days / A Good Day For Everyone / Voices From Beyond The Grave

All Your Stars Are Out 7"
All Your Stars Are Out
(November 2001)
7" Picture Disc, Snowstorm SNOWS016

A: All Your Stars Are Out
B: While You Were Learning To Fly

Faded Glamour 2CD
Faded Glamour - The Best Of Animals That Swim (June 2004)
2CD, Snowstorm STORM 027CD

Faded Glamour / Pink Carnations (single version) / The Longest Road / Roy / All Your Stars Are Out / Dirt / Smooth Steps / The Moon And The Mothership / East St. O'Neill / Madame Yevonde / 50 Dresses / Mackie's Wake / King Beer (original version) / 7 Days / Learning To Fly / Chapel Market / Kandy Kars / May / An Unbeaten Horse / Log City Road / The Greenhouse / Theme From Driving Home / Oregon State Fair / Me And Harry Dean / Mexico / New Boots / Happiness From A Distant Star (version) / Weary Mind

Learning To Fly is the same track as While You Were Learning To Fly from the previous single.
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